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Welcome to The Association of Pallet Networks

What is the Association of Pallet Networks?

The APN was founded in 2006 by the current Chairman, Paul Sanders, and has attracted membership from the eight leading pallet networks in the UK.  Together its members represent over 600 hauliers, 24,400 vehicles and over 13 million sq ft of warehouse space.

The APN aims to:

  • raise awareness of the pallet network sector in the UK;
  • represent the interests of its members in the transport sector, with media and Government;
  • provide a platform for discussion, analysis and the promotion of the pallet network sector to customers, prospective customers, network members, the Health and Safety Executive and the public sector

Green Credentials

Pallet networks comprise local operators; any potential UK customer is no further, on average, than 6 miles from a pallet network member.  Due to their proximity to the local market and because of the hub and spoke network that allows consolidation of freight, high levels of vehicle capacity utilisation are achieved, currently reaching more than 72% vehicle fill compared to 51% in some road freight sectors.  This improved efficiency requires and estimated 800 fewer vehicles to transport the same amount of freight on the road.  Fewer vehicles mean less congestion, less noise and reduced carbon and other noxious gas emissions.